My ex lover – a love reborn


It was winter, my favorite time of the year, but also that time was a little bit sad because I was away from my family, I was working for a project in another town, and I had to celebrate the holidays there. It was the first time when I was away from home and from my loved ones, I am addicted to them, I am a convinced family woman. I work as a show organizer, I make art projects for different occasions, I work to organize parties for children, or big events such as weddings, anniversaries, charity works, premiers for movies and books, or concerts with artists during holidays time. That year I was in Brasov and I was working for the New Year’s show , it was going to be a concert in open air with different artists from the country. I was away with my team, another three colleagues of mine, two boys and a girl. We were the best from our company and we decided to work together. We were accommodated at a hotel, payed by the company, a very luxurious one, each of our room with jacuzzi , big bed and a mini bar available for our needs.

I was a single woman that time and I wanted to profit also because I was away from home, to relax my mind when I could, to visit new places and maybe date new guys. We were working from morning until afternoon, and the evening was free. We were trying our best because there were only two weeks left until New Year. One morning, I was so tired because with a night before we had a mini party at the hotel, we drink a little bit of alcohol and I was having a hangover, so I decided with the girls to go in town and serve a good, strong coffee at one of the bars that we were enjoying, letting the boys to sleep some more. We arrived at the bar, the girls took a table and I was waiting at the line to take some coffee. As I was staying and thinking how I wanted to sleep for some more, someone asked me:

– Excuse me , miss! Are you waiting at the line for coffee, because I see another one too and I don’t know where I need to stay exactly.

The voice was so familiar to me and when I turned over I had the most amazing surprise: there was my ex boyfriend , Ken, from high school, talking with me. I haven’t seen him in so many years, he was so changed , handsome and a real , charming man. I believed that I blushed a little bit, I responded to him that there was the line for the coffee, and we started to chat a little bit, he told me that I look great, he asked me why I was there, how was my life lately, usual things, when we were interrupted by a pretty girl…she was his girlfriend. Ken introduced us, she was nice but I had a strange feeling like I was jealous somehow, but it couldn’t been possible, there were many years since we were a couple. But also the weirdest thing was that he seemed a little bit ashamed and bothered that she was there… I mean he acted differently when we were just the two of us. Anyway, I took the coffee and I returned to the girls and I told them the story, they laughed and they told me that Ken took a seat at one of the tables and from time to time he was checking on me. I was feeling good, I liked the idea of seeing him again, he was a very good looking guy and a smart and funny one. We broke up because we were apart due to our college, I had to study abroad and he remained in the country, otherwise I think that we were still together, I have always had that feeling of what if about him. From time to time I was looking at him also, and smile. But then I realized that he was having a relationship and I mustn’t make dreams in my head.

Days were passing by, I was working non stop but I was enjoying the time with my friends and the Christmas atmosphere. It was Christmas Eve when I decided to take a walk, alone, in the central square, to buy some sweets, because it was a great weather, it was snowing slowly, there was no wind and I wanted to spend some quality time with myself. As I was wondering, walking and buying things, I saw him… Ken. He was alone , and he was talking with a guy from a market stall. I thought that he didn’t see me , but he did and he smiled with such a joy and he approached me and asked me if I wanted to take a walk with him, because he finished his work, he was a lawyer, and he wanted to enjoy the spirit of Christmas. I was curious where was his girlfriend but I didn’t ask. We talked, laughed, we ate candy floss and at some point we were a little bit cold, and he touched my hands and he tried to warm them up! I had the most beautiful feeling, I trembled just because he did that and without thinking at all I kissed him… a long beautiful kiss at which he responded too, he took me in his arms and we kissed under the big snowflakes and we were listening to the Christmas carols. Suddenly I stopped and I apologized and he told me to shut up, he was a free man, their relationship wasn’t so great at all and he wanted to end it soon, but he had also a motivation after he saw me after so many years , he felt a connection again and he always knew that between us there is a great love and it never faded away, we should be together. He just let me go back then because I had to follow my dreams, but he had that feeling that we were going to meet again, so it happened. When I heard those words I felt really happy and relieved and I kissed him again with even more desire and passion. We started to play with each other until we got frozen because it started to blow the wind and the snow was covering the earth quickly, so I invited him over to my hotel room.

We arrived, we were like two teenagers in love, emotional and with butterflies in our stomach. We ordered some hot chocolate from the room service and we decided to take a shower to warm up. I got first in the shower and in my mind was the thought that he might want to join me, but I didn’t have the guts to ask him, I was thinking that he was going to believe that I overreact somehow. So I stepped inside the shower cabin, I was washing myself, my hair and I was touching my body with a vanilla shower gel, when I felt two hands around my waist and a kiss on my neck and a whisper: “I want you, it is not like we don’t know each other that way, I don’t want to lose another moment without having you” . The steam from the hot water, the desire that I had and the passion that Ken and I were having, made me lose control and we made wild love, he made me cum three times, and he ejaculated also , I was his naughty woman, and he was my pervert man. We made sex in different positions, he likes to penetrate me from behind, we have always been good at that, but that time we practically lost control and gave the best of us. After we finished our love making in the shower, we got inside the warm bed, we drank hot chocolate and we started to make plans.

There were the best holidays in my life and in a year he proposed to me and now we are a married couple and we have a child. I am the most happy woman alive!

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