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Don’t cha wish you girlfriend was hot like… a Glasgow escort?

Life is unpredictable. You might dream all your life to become a cop and you wake up one morning in a Glasgow escort’s boots. This was not my case, but I was just saying. As you already guess, I am an escort in Glasgow. A few years ago, I did not even know what an escort was. I just wanted to earn some money to buy clothes, for I was (and I am still) addicted to shopping. Money can’t buy happiness, that is what they all say but it is more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle. However, not all escorts perform this…job, for the love of money. This is not my case either because I love money, but I was just saying. People use to say lots of things, without really knowing, especially about escorts. The first thing I hear about escorts is prostitution, sluts, women who receive money for their ‘special’ services! It is true that in more civilized countries, people’s opinions about escorts are also more civilized. By definition, an escort is a person who accompanies somebody somewhere. This does not include anything pervert, does it? Further on, if the girl who accompanies somebody somewhere falls in love with that ‘somebody’ and decide to spend the night together, is she a prostitute? What is the difference between her and someone who spends the night with the boyfriend or a guy she dated? Quite funny!

If I would to compare the job of an escort with something, I would compare it to chocolate. Why? Well, maybe because being an escort is so sweet that it creates addiction. Of course, there are also dark moments which taste like dark chocolate, when all the sweetness disappears and the bitter appears. Being an escort is also similar to being a shopaholic. Both of them are related to the over-preoccupation with beauty. As escorts take good care of their physical aspect and create a doll aspect, most shopaholics take good care to buy as many clothes as possible in order to look pretty; at least, some of them. Nobody said life is easy. But we are the only ones who can change something and ease our lives a little bit. For this reason, I chose to be an escort.

The job of escorts mainly consists in long trips, much time spent with strangers, meeting people they like and people they don’t like, many opportunities, many friends and also some frustration episodes. Girls working in this field are over-preoccupied with their look. I mean, it is quite normal to be so, since people requesting our services want to meet beautiful girls to delight their eyes. We all have to take good care of what we eat, we need to work out, and we frequently visit beauty salons where some goddesses take care of our hair, nails, skin. As yellow teeth are not accepted in the field, a teeth bleaching is more than welcomed from time to time. The face must not show signs of age or tediousness, wrinkles or darkness and the body should not be neglected. At the moment of an appointment, everything has to be perfect, starting with the escort. Probably nobody knows how much it takes to get ready for a meeting. An escort cannot meet a client wearing dirty jeans and an old T-shirt; no, no, no! Some clients request a special dress code so the escort must wear whatever a client wants, depending on the purpose of the meeting. If a client needs an escort for a business meeting, she certainly can’t go at the meeting dressed in shorts. Besides the outfit, the beauty routine takes up to three hours every day, which includes one hour and a half for the make-up, half an hour for the skincare and one other hour for other beauty procedures. Dizzy, isn’t it?

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