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The story of a Glasgow independet escort

Hi, my name is…In fact, I have several names! The most common working girl name is Annie. I am 27 years old and I have been working as a Glasgow independent escort for four years. My story is as happy as it is atypical. When I was 6, I told mom I wanted to become a ballerina. I was extremely fascinated by the cartoons with swans and ballerinas and I even took some ballet classes. In high-school, I gave up ballet for belly-dance! Belly dancers were, in my point of view, hotter and greater than simple ballerinas. So I started doing professional belly dancing and making a career out of it. During the university I was very exhausted. I had to divide my time in four categories: study, work (waitress and belly-dancer), hobby (ballet) and friends. I had no free time and I was always exhausted. As I did not earn much money with the belly-dancing, I was forced to get another job, as a waitress; but this clearly affected my studies. I was not able to focus anymore and I failed many exams. However, I somehow managed to graduate from the Faculty of Economics but I never worked in the field.

After university, I experienced a hard depression, marked by stupid tears and yells! I was already too old for ballet and belly dancing was not enough anymore for me. I got fired from the place where I used to work as a waitress because I hit a client’s head with a beer bottle, for squeezing my ass. I was out of time and out of money. The time passed by and I was all alone, isolated from everyone and hopeless. I did not need love, as much as I needed money. I was still living in Glasgow with my family and this was a disaster for me because I needed independency. So, one day I said good-bye to depression and hello to opportunity! And this is how it all began…

About 5 years ago, I had many accounts on online social networking services, as it is Facebook nowadays. One day, one of my virtual girlfriends posted something about her activity. She added a photo with her and a guy on a tropical island and she said something like: ‘Don’t you wish to be like me?’ Oh, I envied her so much that I began doing some research about her life; this is how I discovered that she worked as an independent escort in Glasgow. I was dizzy. I theoretically knew what escorts were but I had to do some deeper research in order to understand that…this was what I was looking for! This was my opportunity!

There I was, me and my solution, trying to find ways to become an escort. I read many guides to become an escort and I even asked some escorts some things about her job. I was wow! I did not want to work for an agency so I started working as an independent escort from the beginning! I used the money I earned from belly dancing to pay a web developer and create my own website and this is how my business began. I added beautiful photos, descriptions and a list of prices. Soon, I began being in greater supply and the money started falling from the sky! I have never been so happy in my entire life!

Being an escort was easier than I thought. I only had to update my website from time to time and to be myself. All my clients were (and still are) extraordinary gentlemen. Only after meeting so many men I discovered the pleasure of being with someone. Don’t get me wrong but before becoming an escort, I only dated ‘cool dorks’, the kind of guys who were more interested in being cool than in learning how to appreciate a woman. If you wonder if I also slept with my clients, the sincere answer is NO! When I began performing this job, I did not want to become a hooker. I respected my family who made big efforts to raise me and to give me a lot of support with my education. I think my mom would have died if she found out that her daughter was a prostitute. Instead, I decided to only date men who did not wanted to ‘buy’ my body, but only my company and my presence. However, to be frank, it did happen once. Not for money, but for pleasure. One morning a man called me and asked me if I can be his date for a weekend. I was amused by his way of requesting my escort services and I said yes. Once I met him, I was shocked. He was working as a model in France and he was for the first time in Glasgow. I simply could not resist his charm and…after a couple of drinks we kind of lost control. Anyway, we remained friends and I decided to never break the rules again.

Since I began working as an escort, I stopped envying my Facebook friends who posted photos with them in the most beautiful locations on Earth. Instead of copying their sick hobbits, I deleted all my networking accounts and I decided to keep my life for myself. Working outcall gave me the possibility of visiting the most beautiful landmarks and places which are a dream for most of the people; Rome, Athens, Paris, Vienne, SUA, tropical islands, high mountains and seas, I have seen them all! I still have some touristic destinations where I would like to go but the most important is that I finally feel that I started living my life.

My schedule is never predefined. I devote all my time for my clients. I like to be there whenever they need me, like real friends do. At least, this is how I started building strong relationships with my clients. I never knew how important it was to know so many people. Now I know there are always some numbers that I can call in my phone, whenever I am in trouble or I need anything. I respect my clients and they respect me.

From time to time, I date some close clients who know my past and they ask me to do some belly dancing moves for them. These are the funniest moments in my job. I am more than happy to spend time with such clever and funny guys as my clients. If I did not become an escort, I would have probably searched for another job as a waitress and still hit clients’ heads with bottles. I would not even know that gentlemen still exist and not all men are rude. Being an escort is certainly way better than being a waitress! What I like the most about my job is that I never met exceptions. Unlike the other escorts who might even have more experience than me, I never confronted difficult situations, rapes or God knows what. I think if all escorts were self-confident, stated their conditions from the beginning and learned how to know a man, they would never experience such traumatic events again.

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