The delivery man


Cold winter weather, a time to stay in house and make love. Holidays are coming and I started to buy presents for the loved ones. Some of them I bought from the mall, and others from the internet, technology is now in power. I am looking forward year by year to enjoy the gifts. Today it had to arrive a package for my husband who isn’t at home, he comes near Christmas. I waited until the evening but nobody called. I was waiting for two days and I called to see what was going on. The voice was seeming familiar to me and it told me that I was going to receive the package today or tomorrow. The next day I received a call and I was asked if I was home and it happened that I was at home and in five minutes it arrived. I opened the door and I remained very surprised because in front of me there was Matei, a guy who was with twelve years younger than me, with whom I got out sometimes in the company of one of my girlfriends, he was a friend of her and he wanted me to date him at some point. He knew that my husband wasn’t at home and probably he was wanting something from me, probably sex. He is a charismatic guy, but he wasn’t attractive for me, and being a married woman it was also a reason that I wouldn’t do something to regret it. I stayed for some moments without knowing how to react. I invited him inside to give him a glass of water because he brought me the package. He accepted and he came inside for a “glass of water”. After some random chatting, everything became strange, touchings and caressing on my hand.

– You know that from a long time I wanted to be alone with you! I like you very much and you attract me so much! You are a very beautiful and sexy woman!

My heart was racing , I was lost and I didn’t know what to say. I looked into his eyes and I asked him:

– From how much time are you working here? I didn’t expect us to meet under these kind of circumstances, I feel a little bit awkward.

– You shouldn’t feel like this at all. I only told you a compliment, we know each other, we are not strangers. I have always admired you and I wanted to have something with you.

– But I am marr…I didn’t manage to finish the word, his lips were kissing my mouth, his hands were starting to touch me where they should not. His tongue was so deep in my mouth, it was exploring everywhere in my mouth. My breast were nearly exploding through my T-shirt, without any bra. He pushed me to the wall in the kitchen, he was sucking my red lips, I couldn’t breath… his mouth went down to my neck, his lips and teeth were leaving me marks, I was feeling hot shivers. I put my hands on his shoulders and I was holding him tight waiting to feel what was going to come. His hands were removing my T-shirt and he admired my naked breasts and my pointy nipples. My legs were trembling. He looked into my eyes and he licked a nipple with his wet tongue, he bite them with craving and he wet them with soft moves. I was feeling his big hands on my full breasts, how he was touching and squeezing them. I pulled his hair and I pushed him towards me, kissing him again, I wanted to kiss him all over again, without caring at all about what was going on. We kissed for some minutes, then he took me in his arms and put me on the table, it was cold under my ass, I was only having a pair of bikini and my short skirt was up. He removed slowly my panties and let them on the floor then he go down with his mouth to my wet pussy. I was holding his head between my hands without saying any words, I was letting his doing what he wanted without any protest, I didn’t want him to stop. He opened my legs and he put inside me two fingers, I was breathing hard. Everything was warm and hot around me. We were looking in each others eyes while he was doing that, I was craving for his love, I was begging for it. We looked like that for some seconds, then he opened his pants and let them on the floor, the his boxers and I saw his big, erected penis. I wanted it inside me, I was impatient to have it inside me but I didn’t ask that. He got close to my ear and asked:

– Do you want to have it?
– Definitely I want that, even if my subconscious tells me different.

He pushed me closer to the edge of the table and I felt him penetrating me with slow moves and then faster and faster. I got his T-shirt and I wanted to tear it apart. There were moments when I wanted to scream with pleasure but I was trying to control myself and I was biting my lips until they were bleeding. Everything lasted for some minutes, from time to time he was stopping and kissing my lips, then he was moving again and again until I felt that he was going to finish and he stuck inside me deep, screaming with desire and holding me in his arms. I was feeling his trembling, hot body in my fragile arms. My legs were on the table, I got them down easily and he went out from the wet and satisfied spot… he kissed me again and he touched my breasts.

– From a long time I wanted to touch you, kiss you and make love with you. Your ass was always attracting me when we were meeting and I was imagining how it is to touch it, and your breasts are very beautiful and big. You never exposed them around me.

– I would like to remain between us what happened now, to forget and continue with our lives. You can make a shower before you leave.

I showed him the bathroom and I remained by the door to listen his showering. I was curious to see him naked, I wanted to see him wet and I didn’t think too much and I stepped inside the bathroom, he was amazed to see me but he welcomed me next to him. I took some shower gel in my palms and I began to wash his body, to feel the hair on his chest. I like men with a little bit of hair on their chest, they are manly. I washed then his penis with soft moves, watching it while I was doing that. He put a leg on the side of the bath tub, then he put me on my knee and made me taste his lavander perfumed penis. I tasted it a little bit embarrassed , with my tongue licking its top, then around the whole of it, and I finally took it all in my mouth, I was amazed how I did it, it was so big. He was pulling my hair and moaning powerful he wanted me to continue. I was on my knees and from time to time I was looking at him to see his reaction. He took my head and he raised me up, he put me with my back at him and put my hands on the wet wall, he put one leg of mine on the edge of the bath tub and he got inside me, I was feeling it in my abdomen, it was that big. He got my breasts into his hands and he was fucking me hard. I was screaming with an easy pain, but I didn’t tell him that, I let him finish. When he wanted t cum he put his penis into my mouth, letting me taste his sperm, then he kissed me and grabbed my ass, spanking me slowly.

– You are so hot! I would like to visit you again, if you want that too. It is hard to be a lot alone, I can feel the hole for you.

I went outside the bathroom, dressed in my pink bah robe waiting for him to go out too. He was naked and he dressed himself with the clothes that were on the floor in the kitchen, then he left , kissing me passionately in the door.

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