Young and very restless


He’s in the bathroom. He’s a beautiful man just like in the stories: with strong arms, voluptuous lips, hallucinating eyes and voice. When he comes out of there with his wet hair, naked, with a towel around his neck and put his strong hand on my waist, I will forget abuout the rates at the bank, the three months of unpaid maintenance, about the answers that I didn’t get from the hundreds CVs that i sent …
I look in the mirror and admire my body, thinking of the parts of it that will ignite Andrei’s blood in the veins, while the sound of the shower brings me back emotions of all kinds. I have an almost flawless silhouette, even if I had two children. And although I have my complexes (few stretch marks on the breasts, a small tummy remaining from the last task, the beginning of varicose veins), I am proud, however, with my full and firm breasts , round hips, long and delicate hips, long and disheveled hair, delicate waist, swan neck, elegant hands, domed bottom, 52 kg, 1.70 cm.
I think I fit well with Andrew, this cool man that I met … on the internet. We wrote and talked on the phone about six months without seeing us. And though he always used to cal me with unknown number (I found out later which was the reason), and although this used to make me mad , I always used to answer because … eh, a dude like him that has it all, including intelligence, hm … common sense and money, are not easy to find.
Whenever I imagined myself in his arms, I was a gazelle, and he was a bull. A male by definition. You look at him and see 100 men in one. And then u endure all his “jerk moments” because you cannot take one word out of you than when you see him so “cool”.
Six months of erotic dreams. Six months of imaginary sex. Six months of hormonal agony. Six months exploring my own vagina. Six months of emails and telephoneuncensored conversations. Six months where I set my head on the pillow and touched my breasts, I felt his hands agitating my waist and bottom, I was looking under the blanket his superior fallusand comfort him, kissing him all over his body, suck him for long long time, I felt my own breath becoming deeper, strewn with glass, hotter … I touched my clitoris and rubbed it between my fingers, I penetrate my vagina and, with my head on my back, eyes closed, mouth ajar, I indulge to pleasure …
Oh, I heard the bathroom door. The King is coming! This terrifying Prince Charming is coming andmy heart have become uncontrollable. It’s right here, him, Andrew, and for me it’s still a fairy tale. In any case, I would not want anyone to wake me up now.
I behold him coming in and starting to smack of estrogen. In a split second my mind throughout sexual intercourse to take place. How good that we can see him on slow motion. To savor every moment, every emotion, every gesture. To know our weaknesses, strengths, we admire the beauty … ah, I like his dimple on his chin, he is so sexy, what effect!
I like his masculine feet, I like that he is tall and well-made, , I like his firm ass, his definite torso,his hands with fingers thick enough that will tactfully massagemy vagina in the next few seconds, I like his penis, neither too large nor too small, but thick and hard. Ah, how handsome and potent!He was a soldier in Afghanistan, this terribly used to excite me every time he told me this on the phone. I want to fuck him badly!
“I want to fuck you!” He tells me, while wipping his hair with the towel.
I smiled approvingly and in the next moment I have his penis in my mouth. I do not know when I knelt before him, but here I am, keeping his tight ass on my hand, while I shove his dick in my mouth like a desperate . He tries to set me up in bed, but I strongly oppose. His dick smells so nice and I like the taste. Yeah, it smells like a hard dick and this excites me so baaad! I feel his body softening, he tells me he likesit,hedroppes the towel, gently sinks his hands in my hair and massages my head, while I hear his fevered breath. I kiss his penis for about 10 minutes, I lick it hard , from top to bottom, if I knew i did not hurt him, I would totally eat his penis like a refreshing ice cream.
I want him to cum in my mouth, but he picks me up and puts me to bed.I’mterribly trembling. He comforts me. I like it. I feel his lips on my neck, on my breasts, on my hips. I turn back. I close my eyes. He massages my bottom with oil. I love it. He kisses me, lick me, comfort me down everywhere, minutes and hours. I went into another realm, the onethat lies on the border between hell and paradise where there are no rules, where everything is allowed and beautiful.
He kisses my belly, thighs, massage my clitoris, he goes down with his tongue, enter into my hot vagina and I hear among kisses: “Oh, I like your pussy so bad!” he penetrate my pussy with his finger and …I die of pleasure. I move my body like a sensual dance, and he bite his lips and look in my eyes, while he masturbates me. He likes to look! I like it too! I do not know if I got insane, but the feeling is very close to insanity, I think.
I want him to fuck me. I want him to penetrate me with his hard dick,I want dick!
“I want dick, love! ‘
“With condom?” He asks.
“No fuckin ‘way!”
I easily try to pull me out from under him because I remembered that I forgot to empty my bladder. He keeps me close and asks me where I go. “I have to Pee!” “No time to pee now!” He replies tender and pulls me back. And I like it. Ah, it’s good to be close in the arms of this perfect man! What overwhelming feeling!
He covers me with his nice and warm body and I feel desired, loved, safe. He penetrates me while he whispered: “I love your body, you are beautiful, I like to fuck you, to have sex,to make love … It’s so good! Your pussy is so hot, I like it so much! ”
I answer the same. He fucks me so well, when more delicate when wilder, when more romantic, whenanimalistic and give me tears of pleasure. I turn on all sides, I climb on him, we fuck so hard, he penetrates my anus with a finger and I know that from that moment … there is not much time left. But I do not want this to end. I would not want this to ever end! But I feel my blood running in my body as 10 000 km per hour, feel the pleasure that begins to spread throughout the body, starting to feel like touching heaven with my hand now …I scream of pleasure! I scream and bite him slowly and makes me go in tears and all kinds of liquids are coming out of me and he’s fucking me harder and I like it and then I feel he cums inside me and starts to moan like a lion who has just caught the neck of the deer with histeeths .
“Ah, how much I liked it, Andrew” Oh, why are you married?

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